Tracking Guidelines

Effective Tracking Management

Sticking with below general guidelines with help your tracking endeavour a lot:

1) Do not share with anyone whether there is GPS tracking device in your car except for the ones you trusted.

2) Immediately after installation, memorize your tracker number or write it down in a diary at home or office or anywhere you can easily access it. You can as well save the number in your contact on your phone.

3) Remember to communicate with your tracking device on a regular basis. An idle SIM (SIM car in the tracker) for more than 90 days (3 months) will automatically be disconnected by NCC rendering your tracker ineffective.

4) Top up your tracker SIM number when necessary. Each text message from your tracker number cost N4.00. Tracker will not be able to give you response if its SIM is out of airtime. There are so many ways to top up any SIM line e.g MTM to MTN transfer, top up with your banking app, top up with ATM machine, Quickteller or visit MTN office and provide them your tracker number for airtime top up or data where applicable (Only customers with Online platform account need data – Premium and Advanced Options)

5) If you have an online account for Premium and Advanced tracking with us, DATA subscription is required for optimum performance. Tracker will not be able to send update to the server and you will not be able to get best results.

6) Do not hesitate to contact our 247 support team immediately anytime you try to reach your tracker number and it is saying switch off. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.


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