Troubleshooting with your Tracking Devices

It is not uncommon for tracker to stop updating even when everything is in place. So it is important you check on your tracking system frequently to know if it is working properly or not. You can check via app or web interface or check by calling your tracker SIM number, it will ring and send you back a location SMS, this implies your tracker is working fine. If there is no SMS returned as feedback, you may need to top up the SIM with airtime (Airtime is required). If your tracking system is saying switch off, then there may be a serious concern.

Below are the most common reasons why your tracker may not be updating properly or may be saying switch off:

 1) SIM Card issue

■ Sometime incomplete SIM card registration (MTN can disconnect SIM card and expect user to come back to re-registration) this can impact tracking

■ Since introduction of NIN, the rate of SIM cards having issue is out of proportion. Customers may need to register SIM card, activate and top up the SIM card for tracker use. MTN can block the SIM even if proper registration was done and SIM was not use within 48hrs of registration. This is per NCC guideline

■ Inactive SIM for over 90 days is subjected for recycle. If your car is parked for too long and battery is disconnected, this can cause tracker to go off and if for so long, SIM can be impacted.

■ SIM can need airtime or data for performance (We usually recommend airtime). If you did not top up your tracker SIM for extensive period of time, it may be affected and render the SIM useless.

For best performance, remember to top up your tracker SIM number with airtime. We recommend N200-N500 every 3 months. Please do not top up more than N500 at a go. There could be complications sometimes, this could be out of our reach.

2) Network coverage

MTN has widest coverage in the country but there have been so report of low or unstable coverage in some smaller area. This could impact tracking service as well on rare occasions. Tracker will connect to network when vehicle leaves the blind zone.

3) Battery Disconnection

Anytime battery is disconnected from vehicle, tracker will rely on its internal battery to function and this will deplete after several hours. Hours may be impacted by level of depreciation. The older the tracker gets the less the hours it holds. Normal status will resume anytime vehicle battery is connected back.

Operator or mechanic need to be cautious when connecting the battery back, if not done properly and there is a spark all along, this may impact the tracker or damage the tracker itself.

4) Repair or Maintenance

As mention above, anytime a maintenance is carried out on a vehicle, tracker has a greater chance of being impacted negatively. List of such activities include but not limited to: change of engine, working on dashboard area, alternator change, body work and so on.

5) Tampering

In many cases drivers of the vehicle usually tampered with the device or its connection to outsmart the owner.

6) Electrical Partial Contact

We have seen some situations in the past where Technicians need to re-tape or re-tighten installation wiring (Rare occasions)

7) Electrical Hibernation

Some cars like Benz and BMW have some feature that shut down their electrical system after they have been parked for couple of hours. At the stage, tracker may be switch off and stop updating. It will normalize when User open the door or drive the car.

8) Depreciation

Since tracker works 247, it is natural for its inbuilt battery to degrade to the extent that tracker will rely heavily on vehicle battery at all time.

9) Device Issue

On rare occasion, device may be faulty on its own (Production defect). This is so uncommon and rarely happens maybe 2 out of 1000 installations.

10) NIN – MTN SIM Car Barring

After 2021 especially with introduction of mandatory NIN with SIMs, network provider like MTN does bar SIM cards sometimes indiscriminately.

If this happens, customers may need to get a new SIM card from MTN office with their NIN. Then schedule an appointment with our Technician by contacting our support to replace the SIM.

Technician will charge a fee for his service usually around 5K.

11) Unknown

For some strange unknown reasons, device may not work or update as expected; We may need to change the entire system to resolve this.

Although we give a year warranty on our devices but if it was impacted by maintenance or if our device was removed or tampered with, this will nullify the warranty agreement.

In many cases Users may be asked to pay 50% of original cost to replace their faulty devices. Decision will be made based on circumstances that surround the pending issue.


1) Call the tracker number. Also confirm if it is ringing or switch off. If it rings, tracker will normally sends back location SMS. If no SMS was received in a reasonable amount of time, User may consider option to top up the SIM number with Airtime. This can resolve the issue.

To check the balance of your tracker SIM airtime, send below command to your tracker number as SMS:

balance123456 606 balance

Above command may or may not work, it depends on MTN server most time.

In a situation where tracker is sending back SMS but still not updating on the app or web, then copy below commands and send to tracker SIM number as SMS. One by One. Copy and paste ONLY!!!

time zone123456 1
up123456 web web
adminip123456 10200

■ Above 6 commands should not be sent together at a go but as individual. One command at a time as text message.

■ If the issue still persist then send below commands to to restore your tracker to the factory setting:

adminpassword13142324 (This should be the last resort)

■ Then you will need to wait for a reply then go ahead and resend above 6 commands

■ It may take few minutes to notice the changes on the app especially if there is delay in SMS delivery.

These steps should basically resolve all your tracker issues as long as it is ringing.

NB: If above commands do not work for your device (We may use different device model for bikes, boat and trucks) then try below commands:


factory# (This will reset device to default, this should be the last resort. You will need to send above 5 commands thereafter)

2) In a situation where your tracker is saying SWITCH OFF, then there is a significant issue somewhere. Users should think of the first 10 potential causes listed above at the beginning of this page. In most cases Technicians may need to come around to inspect and troubleshoot further to detect what may be wrong and provide possible solution:

■ Technician may charge close to 5K or above for their service (Transportation and workmanship) with Lagos, Abuja and PH. It may be higher if outside our bases.

■ If SIM is bad, Owner will responsible for the cost of SIM card usually 2K. Owner can procure SIM as well from MTN office with their NIN.

■ If device is bad as a result of repair or maintenance done on the vehicle, Owner will be responsible for 50% cost of the original installation.

■ If device is bad as a result of being tampered with or flood in some rare cases then Owner will be responsible for 100% cost of original installation.

■ We do not 100% stand by our warranty on devices installed on bikes, boats and trucks.

We are here to help and support, let us know in any way we can improve our service. We can be reached via call, SMS, email or Whatsapp 247 for enquiry, sales and support.

In all, we wish you an uncompromising safety. Your safety is our business and priority. You are our real VIPs!!!

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■ See below image to know how to look for your SIM card (tracker number) in the App and on the Web

On the mobile app:

Login >>> Tap Menu (Top left corner) >>> Object >>> Tap Object menu (Far right). Then look for the your tracker number.


On your laptop or iPad:

Login with URL:


To see  your expiration dates >>> Login >>> Click on Settings >>>  You will see list of your vehicles and their expiration dates (See below image)

>>> Click on Expire On to sort the vehicles in their order of expiration.


Do not hesitate to contact us on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 via call or whatsapp for further support. We are always happy to help!!!

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