Premium Tracking

Tracking with Premium Option

Premium and Advanced Options enjoy all the benefits and features of BASIC Option, in addition to that, they have access to our servers. An account would be created with unique username and password which allows them to track their vehicles on Smartphones via Mobile app or laptop via browsers (Mozilla, Chrome or Internet Explorer). You can access our demo account with below:

Username: demo
Password: tracker (Phone Browser) (PC, iPad, Tablet Browser)

Tracking with Mobile APP

Kindly follow below simple steps to be able to use the mobile app successfully

1) Download the app (GPS Server Mobile) from App Stores (Android & IOS)
















2) Open the APP and click the setting icon on top right (Do not login yet)








3) Choose Custom Server URL
















4) Enter then click ok
















5) Lastly, ensure the Server is connected to Auto Tracker Nigeria before login








Then login and relax. Below is what you get what you login

















1) Download the APP (GPS Server Mobile) and Open it
2) Click Settings
3) Choose Custom Server URL
4) Enter then click ok
5) Then Login

That’s it.

Tracking multiple vehicles within an account with APP

1) After Login

2) Click on menu icon by the left top corner










3) Click on object








4) Click on corresponding plate number to track










Click the target Number Plate and you will be able to see the location and other activities instantly on the map.
















Web Based Tracking Option (Premium & Advanced Subscribers)

Please note that Premium Option subscriber can as well login with their username and password created and sent to them in the mail and SMS as well like the following:

Username: demo
Password: tracker

Below is what the results would look like, you would be able to see your vehicle moving in real time if the vehicle is on motion.

Do not hesitate to contact us 247 on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 via Call, Text message or Whatsapp for further clarification and guidance.

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