Advanced Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Options.

Protect your vehicles with the  latest, advanced and effective technology and experience peace of mind by knowing the real time location of your vehicle at all time.

Listen to voice conversation going on in your vehicle remotely from your phone in real time and plan your next move irrespective of the distance.

Take 100% control of your car at all time. Demobilize and mobilize your car engine from anywhere you are when neccessary.

Excellent Features

Having advanced GPS tracker protects your vehicle from theft and unauthorized access. Knowing where your drivers and vehicles are at a time aids decision making in many ways. Tracking is essential for every vehicle out there.

100% Compatibility

Our advanced and technology driven GPS tracker is compatible with all range of vehicles from bikes, cars to trucks be it personal or commercial.

Easy Recovery

Having our GPS Tracker in your vehicle gives you 100% assurance of recovery in case of theft. Many of our customers did recover their stolen vehicles back.

24/7 Support Center

24/7 support service is available for your requests and support. Professional agents are waiting to hear from you and attend to your various challenges.

More reasons to install vehicle tracker in your valued vehicle with us.

Our sole aim is to be the most sort after car tracking company in Nigeria and we intend to achieve this by providing the cheapest but yet effective car tracking services in Nigeria.

  • We will be there for you when you needed us most
  • We will guide you to be able to track your vehicle by yourself
  • We will leave our comfort zone to install for you beat home or office
  • Our technicians are professionals and go for advanced training periodically
  • We deploy best, latest, advanced and cost effective solutions in the industry
  • Various Options: Basic, Premium and Advanced Options to choose among
Year Founded
Vehicles Protected
Recovery Made
Happy Customers

Scope Of Business

We install GPS Tracker in all automobiles ranging from salon cars, buses, trucks, tractors, tricyles to bikes. We also install FRSC mandatory speed limiter for commercial and private vehicles. Our services come with 12-months warranty.

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Auto Tracker Nigeria is an Information Technology firm with a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and customer service executives, who for over seven years have been trained to promote and to provide real time vehicle and mobile asset monitoring system and recovery. 

We have substantial technical capital and are in the cutting edge of tracking through satellite using GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Cellular) SMS/GPRS technology. Our engineering partners have developed system, based on ever-present satellite capability, as the most cost effective application for fleet owners and movable assets managers.

We are determined to provide very superior service by driving the outer limits of our technology already deployed by us and by striving for best practice standard.

Our Safety Team

Many years of experience in automobile security industry made us a force to reckon with. We have over 10 years expertise in the tracking related businesses and with more than 8175 installations, we have brought peace of mind to Nigeria roads.

Adoli Paul
Operations Manager
Foyeke Omole
Support Manager
Agbato Nathaniel
Tracking Manager

Excellent Services

Nothing gives peace of mind than knowing where your vehicle is at all time from the comfort of your smartphone and laptop. We are here to make that happen.

Top-Notch Design

Our tracking unit is designed with latest technology which makes it work with all kinds of vehicles

Simplified Commands

All commands and codes are simplified and easy to use with no assistance e.g tracker123456.

Free Updates

Updates are automatically done over the air which improvise functionality of each of our devices.

Back-up Battery

All our trackers come with inbuilt battery that can last for day in the event of removing the vehicle battery.

Easy Compatibility

You can use any kind of data enabled smartphone with our tracking service. You don’t need a new phone.

Nationwide Installation

We have resident installer in every major city all over the country which make timely installation possible.

Ready for tracker installation?

No Fixed Contract, No hidden Charges & No Side Effects

Auto Tracker Nigeria

Auto Tracker Nigeria is commited to providing reliable and affordable vehicle tracking services to Nigerians and we are proud to have protected thousands of vehicles so far in the last ten years. We are the number one rated in customers' satisfactions in car tracking industry in Nigeria. You can be assured we will be there when you need us the most. Our pricing options are competitive and pocket friendly.



  • Self Tracking
  • Personal Vehicles
  • Manual Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Location with Map
  • Voice Monitoring
  • SMS Engine Control
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Real time tracking
  • One-Time Payment
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 24/7 Support



  • Self Tracking
  • Personal/Business Vehicles
  • Online Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Tracking via APP
  • Web/PC Tracking
  • Location with Map
  • Voice Monitoring
  • SMS Engine Control
  • Geo Fencing/Zoning
  • Over-Speed Alert
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Real time tracking
  • Free Update/Upgrade
  • Optional Renewal (N10,000)
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 24/7 Support



  • Self Tracking
  • Business Vehicles
  • Online Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Tracking via APP
  • Web/PC Tracking
  • Location with Map
  • Voice Monitoring
  • SMS Engine Control
  • Geo Fencing/Zoning
  • Over-Speed Alert
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Real time tracking
  • History Movements
  • History Reports
  • Free Update/Upgrade
  • Fleet Management Options
  • Optional Renewal (N10,000)
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 24/7 Support

Fleet Management Options include Mileage calculation, History movements, History reports, Over speed alerts, Geo-fencing, Events, Services and so on.

We do provide home delivery between 7am and 5pm at no extra cost. Installation outsides Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt attracts extra logistic fee.

Ready for installation? Kindly text your name, address and time of installation to 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353, our Technician will come  to your location at no extra cost for your convenience.

Take a moment to explore our demo to have insight of our Online Platform.

Username: demo
Password: tracker (PC, iPad, Tablet Browser) (Phone Browser)

(Login with Username: “demoo” with Password: “tracker” to view multiple vehicles under a single account)

We recommend you visit below resources to explore and learn more about what we are offering:

Basic | Premium | Advanced | Mobile Login | PC/Tablet Login | Tracking | Speeding | Geo Fencing | Movements | Reports | Recharging | FAQ

Do not hesitate to contact us 247 on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 via call, text message or Whatsapp for further clarification and guidance.

  • team3

    Oluchi UnorjiProdigy, Lagos

    "Ever since I have Auto Tracker Nigeria installed the service in my car, I have been able to get hold of my driver anytime I want. What a such amazing service. I recommend this for every vehicle."

  • team4-110x110

    Ilias Aliu O.PHCN, Lagos

    My car got stolen at a gun point along Abuja-Kano road, I didn't resist and I called my wife at home to stop the vehicle engine for me after 20 minutes. I got my vehicle without much downtime to my business.

You can’t be too careful.

“Vin Diesel and Jason Statham may be the greatest get away drivers ever but they become completely handicapped and overly emotional when their vehicles get missing without as much as a goodbye note.”

Do not wait till your vehicle is stolen away without knowing what to do. Having GPS Tracker in your vehicle give you 98% assurance of recovering your vehicle back successfully. Act now and experience peace of mind.

Better practice to keep the tracker in your vehicle working perfectly.

We have some plans that are one time payment and below we will highlight major practices to keep your tracking device working the way you want. There is no need for yearly subscription.

  • Memorize your tracker number or write it down.
  • Remember to call the tracker number periodically.
  • Inactive SIM card will be deactivated automatically after 90 days by NCC.
  • Send airtime to the tracker number when you are not getting SMS feedback.
  • Send master reset command to the tracker number when you not getting best result.

Our Latest News

Automobile tracking industry is one that has come to stay for very long time. Tracking is more than just for theft prevention, it boosts business productivity also. Welcome to the world of affordable vehicle security within the reach.

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