Auto Tracker Nigeria Platform Subscription

Below guidelines will shed more light on how our billing/renewal system work:

■ Expiration aligns with date of installation, only the year changes irrespective of when you renew. If a vehicle expires in January, and you choose to pay in July, it will still expire in next January. Please inform us to remove your tracker from our platform if the vehicle is out of use or no need to use the service anymore or for a longer period of time. Each device hosted consumes certain resources from our Server even though you do not have access to your account or to the device.

■ For expired trackers that has expired for more than 6 months, their renewal will only last for ONLY 6 month from the date of payment/activation. For example: If installation was done on January 1st,2021 the next renewal date will be January 1st,2022. But if Customer waits till September 2022 to renew, payment/renewal will only last 6 months from the payment date.

■ Extra fee may be required for trackers removed from Server due to extensive period of non renewal. Trackers that were not renewed are subjected to removal from platform. Customer can come back at any convenient time to re-host their device but extra fee will be charged for reconnection.

■ Tracking with App or Browser is totally optional and user can tracker/monitor their vehicles manually through SMS and Google Maps. Visit to know more.

■ Even though we understand users want online tracking to be free but it costs us over €15 per year to host each device from our developer. Charging 10k per year per vehicle is synonymous to free tracking especially when considering the values you are getting from this beautiful service. There are 100% free tracking apps and platforms from different manufacturers but we cannot use them because of their low quality, sub-standard maps, no support and congestion.

■ Server will always send automatic notification to your email 7 days before the expiration for each device. Please be sure we have your valid email address and also remember to add our email to your mail contact list so our notifications can deliver to your inbox at all time:

■ It is important to write down your tracker number somewhere or save them on your smartphone. You will need it whether you renew or not. It is more import to have it handy especially if you plan not to renew. Please contact us if you don’t know or have your tracker number before its access expires (There may be some delay getting them after it expires).

■ For best performance, remember to top up your tracker SIM number with airtime. We recommend N200-N500 every 3 months. Please do not top up more than N500 at a go. There could be complications sometimes, this could be out of  our reach.

■ To renew your access, please make payment of 10K per vehicle per year to Auto Tracker Nigeria – GTBank – 0470039635

NB: Remember to send payment receipt to our support via email or WhatsApp for prompt activation. (Activation may take up to an hour after payment is applied)

We are here to help and support, let us know in any way we can improve our service. We can be reached via call, SMS, email or Whatsapp 247 for enquiry, sales and support.

We thank you once again for subscribing to our service and we wish you an uncompromising safety. You are our real VIPs!!!


Auto Tracker Nigeria



■ See below image to know how to look for your SIM card (tracker number) in the App and on the Web

On the mobile app:

Login >>> Tap Menu (Top left corner) >>> Object >>> Tap Object menu (Far right). Then look for the your tracker number.


On your laptop or iPad:

Login with URL:


To see  your expiration date >>> Login >>> Click on Settings >>>  You will see list of your vehicles and their expiration date (See below image)

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