Advanced Fuel Level Monitoring System

Fuel level monitoring solutions allow trucks owners or managers to know the level of the fuel in the tank of the trucks in real time. It provides the ability to remotely monitor fuel tank levels and usage to measure precise volumes of fuel tank refill, Detect fuel siphoning from fuel tank, Prevent fuel theft from tank (e.g. underfilling or siphoning), Compare fuel quality of different suppliers/gas stations and Indirectly define fuel consumption.

Gathering historical efficiency data at regular intervals allows managers to track and improve driver performance and precisely test and monitor the effects of technological changes to vehicles. Fuel level monitoring also allow Higher transparency of fuel costs accounting, Eliminated fuel theft from tank, Increased fuel economy and optimized fuel cost, Easier trip reporting and transfer of vehicle between drivers, Extended lifetime of fuel system and lower maintenance costs.

Other Benefits of Fuel Level Monitoring:

  • Enable fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption with a high degree of accuracy and in real-time, rather than requiring manual reporting and using error-prone averages to track changes in fuel efficiency.
  • Gives fleet managers more transparency into which of their vehicles are operating more efficiently, allowing for granular testing of the effect of different equipment on efficiency.
  • Track the effect of driver behavior on fuel efficiency. Receive alerts to behavior like sudden stops or acceleration, and excessive idling to help curve wasteful behaviors.

You can generate full periodic reports on our platform, Instant monitor fuel level in real time on the web and on our App.


Below image shows Travel Sheet that include travel duration, length, Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption and Fuel Cost

Below shows statistics of Fuel Filling before and after

You will get system notification immediately there is sudden change in fuel level in the tank. Sudden increase or reduction up to 10% will trigger event notification. Up to 10% increase signifies refilling and less than 10% decrease could mean draining – Theft. Notification will be sent immediately to Owner’s email or on the App of push notification is enabled for our App.


Below is our demo account:

Username: sensor
Password: tracker

Use on phone browser for quick view on the go.

Tap menu on top left corner
>>> Tap Object
>>> Tap vehicle menu (Far right icon with four bars)

Below is the mobile version quick view:




>> Click on each image for clarity.

GPS Vehicle Tracking with Fuel Level Monitoring features cost N200,000 per Truck. Installations on Advanced Request.

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