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Auto Tracker Nigeria is pleased to announce to the public that we now install and sell vehicle speed limit device. This is relatively new and only approved companies are allowed to install the vehicle speed limit device in Nigeria.

Our sister company is an approved FRSC installer and we are obliged to offer the service as a complimentary service to our car Tracking packages. In case you wish to know more about speed limit device for vehicles which is mandatory by FRSC, you can Read the FAQ below.

The Federal Road safety commission (FRSC), as the leading federal government agency on Road Safety and Traffic Monitoring has mandated all commercial vehicle owners to install a FRSC standard speed limit device on or before October 1st 2016 or be penalized. This decision is necessitated by the ever-increasing rate of accidents on Nigerian Roads.

Most of these accidents are caused by over speeding as majority of the commercial drivers does know the highway speed limit in Nigeria. Many Lives has been lost due to this ignorance by our commercial drivers.

The Federal Road Safety commission has been helpful enough to publish the maximum speed limit in Nigeria in all Mass Media apparatus but this seem not savage the dilemma of constant road accident.

Road safety speed limiter was adopted to help guild our commercial drivers not to drive above the speed limits on Nigerian roads.

Speed Limter has no moving parts or fuel valve. They are entirely electronic products that allows vehicles to have a predefined maximum speed limit without causing any damage to the performance of the vehicle. Our Technicians are with adequate experience and technical-know-how to install speed limiter in all kind of vehicles.

Auto Tracker Nigeria offers installation and supply of only top brands of speed limiters and due to the sensitivity of its installation, tools required to calibrate and warranty provision. If you have interest in installing a speed governor, Please contact our team on 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353 or text us your name, address and date of installation to 0806 030 5252 or 0809 505 6353. Speed limiter device, installation and certificate cost N70,000 per vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions on Speed Limiters in Nigeria

What does a speed limiting device do?

A speed limiting device is a mechanical, electronic or electrical device installed on a vehicle to help monitor and prevent it from exceeding the approved speed limit.

Is a speed limiting device really necessary?

Yes. A speed limiting device is important in the following ways:
It helps to prevent your vehicle from exceeding the approved speed limit
It helps to lessen the risk and magnitude of accident arising from over-speeding
It helps to keep vehicle fuel consumption at an acceptable level
It helps to lessen the impact of wear and tear on motor vehicles
It reduces maintenance cost generally.

Why is the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) enforcing the use of the Speed Limiting Device?

One of the major causes of road accidents is excessive speed by motorists. Such uncontrollable speed often results in avoidable accidents that claims lives and destroy properties. So to help reduce the incessant cases of accidents on our highways, the FRSC, in conjunction with other relevant agencies and stakeholders is enforcing the use of speed limiting devices by motorist in Nigeria, starting with commercial vehicles

What is the deadline for the use of the speed limiting device in Nigeria?

The deadline was initially slated for June 1, 2015 but this was later shifted to October 1, 2016 following series of public debates on the policy and public hearing held by the Senate on the work-ability of the policy.

Are all vehicles required by the FRSC to use the speed limiting device?

Yes. All vehicles in Nigeria are required to install the speed limiting device. However, the FRSC wants fleet operators and commercial vehicles to commence the use of the device not later than October 1, 2016. The deadline for enforcement of the policy on private vehicles would be announced by the FRSC in due course.

Is they any penalty for non compliance with this regulatory requirements?

Yes. There are penalties for non-compliance with this regulation and this may range from outright vehicle impoundment to prosecution of the driver/vehicle owner.

Does a speed limiting device affect the overall performance of a vehicle?

Practically, NO. All the device does is to limit the driver from exceeding the approved speed cap prescribed for the vehicle

Can my driver tamper with the speed limiting device?

Theoretically, it is possible to tamper with a speed limiting device installed on a vehicle, but the newer versions of speed limiting devices have tamper-resistant features that makes it difficult to alter their settings and functionality.

How can I request for a speed limiting device?

To request for a speed limiting device, simply contact one of the licensed dealers
The dealer would inspect your vehicle and recommend the most appropriate speed limiting device for it
The device would be installed on your vehicle by the dealer or his accredited agent
Upon completion of the installation, the dealer would forward your vehicle data to the FRSC for installation certificate to be issued to you

What do I do if accosted by officials of the FRSC on my speed limiting device?

Once accosted by officials of the FRSC, simply show them the certificate issued to you at installation and also co-operate with them if they request to inspect the device and take necessary readings from it.

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